April 13, 2009

I, Procarit! or, Can You Read the Writing on the Wall?

The famous saying, "the writing on the wall" (handed to us in the story of Daniel and King Belteshazzar in Babylon) has gone down in classic literature to describe events of a clear cut and sometimes supernatural nature.  The writing on the wall in Babylon told King Belteshazzar that his kingdom was about to be divided between the Medes and the Persians.  Mene Mene Tekel Parsin, and all that.  "The writing on the wall" is a sign to all that someone's days are numbered.

Well, the writing on our wall last night let us know that a "Certain Someone's" days of unrestricted crayon usage are also numbered.  No divine hand had scribed the eight-inch block letters above his bed...  And when a hastily pointed finger denounced his completely illiterate brother as the culprit, the charges went from vandalism to "little liar".  For there, written in  bold fuschia crayon, larger than life was... ARI!
The full text had a vaguely Latin feel to it, much like the graffiti one might find in an alleyway of Pompeii.  I, PROCARIT.
And thankfully, when Jessica brought the boys into the bathroom to brush their teeth, I slipped in with a camera and snapped a few pictures for posterity's sake.  Yes, we even thought it was funny at the time.  And really, a 150 ft sq. white wall is just about the most tempting surface to write on to a boy just learning his letters.

Is a day coming when Ari will be crafty and/or vindictive enough to write Jude's name on a wall?  Only time will tell.


Ruth said...

Magic Eraser to the rescue! It works. Let Picasso play! He can clean up later. :-)

Sherise said...

Ari seems to be inheriting all of the creative leanings of his esteemed parents. First he drew the masterpiece that is Mr. Entz, now he creating words that are actually word-like (done in colourful crayon on the walls no less)...yes, you have successfully spawned a creative genius.

Maybe Jude will be the foil to Ari's artistic brilliance and become a master logician examining the universe from the coldly factual realm of realism. He and Ari can combine their talents and teach the world a thing or two. Yeesssss...Einstein has nothing on the Frey boys.


P.S. Can you tell that I'm killing time at work by composing this little rambling ditty? I know I can.