April 09, 2009

Some Pittys, for Pitty's Sake

Infrequent greetings from the Mainland!
As is to be expected, our lives have filled with 'normal' activities, and this leaves less time for filling up space on the internet.  In this case, no news is actually good news, as it's just one more sign that real life has begun.  With the boys, language classes, market expeditions, and even some relaxation time, our days fill up rather quickly.
Nevertheless, it's fun to jot down a few words about the day, or share some photos we've taken.  As Jessica mentioned in the last post, our camera seems to have sprouted a pair of legs, but I've been using my camera phone.  Here are a few pictures that I've snapped in the past few days.  They're taken at a spot near our school, where a large building has recently been constructed.  These are shots of what I believe to be old housing for the workers.

Not much else to say, at the moment. In fact, I'm wasting valuable 'quiet time' (that is, the boys are in bed) and I should crack the books. My teachers are starting to expect more from me, and they've been cracking the whip a bit.  But I've come up with the perfect revenge.  They don't seem to understand why some of the sentences in our book should be at all hard to say.  So tomorrow I'm bringing in... Fox in Socks.  Try those socks on for size.

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