April 25, 2009

Day 5

Today a blessed change occurred.  I relaxed!  So far I have been fairly tense, planning each day carefully to make it go by faster, entertaining the boys nonstop to keep their conflicts down etc, etc, etc.  But today, I decided not to plan.  I read while the boys played.  I baked bread.  I talked to my sister on the phone and I napped while they napped (no renovations today!).  And then just 30 minutes ago, I was delivered a short half page note from James, by one his traveling companions who has returned a week early.  He does not have phone or internet access, so this note is probably the only thing we'll hear from him.  Thank you Jesus!

Some highlights from the last day include:
- Ari pulling his hood on and asking me "Do I look Germanic?"
- baking 7-grain bread for the first time since arriving in Beijing, with the whole grains my parents sent out from Canada - biting into that first warm, buttered slice was even more enjoyable than the Cadburry Creme Eggs that also arrived (sweet bliss!)
-   A particularly hilarious noise being made by the renovating crew yesterday.  I promise I'm not a crass person, but it sounded like extreme flatulence on top of a wooden box and it was shaking our entire apartment!  I was laughing so hard I couldn't stop!  The boys were terrified!  Ari thought it was funny when he realized what it sounded like, but Jude in particular held on to me like a Koala bear.  Knowing that they usually work until about 7:00pm, and that there was no way Jude would let go of me to make supper, I figured my best bet was to leave the apartment with the boys and go out for supper.  I include a video of the humorous noise, but I promise it doesn't nearly compare with the way it ricochets through your very bones and brain!


derrydown said...

Do I look Germanic? Hahaha! Only in your family! I think a giant has moved in downstairs. Listen for any Fee-fi-fo-fums. Love, Marnar

The Freys said...

Maybe if I send Ari down the beanstalk, he'll come back with a magic harp and magic goose laying golden eggs!