April 10, 2009

Papa's Boss

 Greetings from the Mainland!
The other day, Jessica decided to sit down with Ari and teach him how to write some letters.  He is an apt pupil, and in just twenty minutes, he was able to write all sorts of letters.  Several days have passed, and he can write his name very well.
He's also taken to drawing pictures and announcing that it is 'so-and-so'.  His latest masterpiece is a portrait of a person he alternately refers to as "Papa's Boss" or "Mr. Ets".  Below, you can see his rendition of Martin Entz, who was my indeed my boss at the University of Manitoba.
Martin will be coming here in about a week, and Ari is quite excited by the prospect of bestowing his drawing upon him.  I suspect Martin will be pleased.  After all, it's an uncanny resemblance.

Notice the horizontal line at the lower right hand corner of the picture, with two short perpendicular lines.  Ari informed me that these are Martin's boots, which are very responsibly placed on a mat by the door.  I guess we've taught Ari well.

Despite the somewhat horrifying expression on Martin's face in this picture, I still think it has a lot of artistic nuance, considering that it was drawn by a three year-old.  For example, the eyes have pupils, and the ears are vaguely 'ear-shaped'.  Perhaps we have a baby Picasso on our hands...

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