August 11, 2010

Improvements to My Head

I (James) was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with my supposed "Lumiere" picture a few posts ago. The only thing vaguely luminescent about that photo is my arms, which are glowing like burnished bronze.

So I've decided that I need to put up a new and improved photo--one that presents me in a more favourable light (ah, the Lumiere puns will never end).

The photo of me you now see is much more representative: a light-hearted guy with a lightbulb-shaped head.

Actually (and I know that one should never try to compliment oneself, especially not in public), I think I have a fairly uniformly shaped head. So far, no one has asked me, "So, when exactly did you get hit in the skull by a shovel?", or "Kid, you're a phrenologist's nightmare".

I've really noticed my eyebrows lately, as they have now become the "hairiest" part of my face. Did they always wriggle so? And my lips! Were they always so enormous? And was that brick wall behind me always so rugged? And was my shirt always so blue? Ah, so many questions in life...


Sherise said...

I had noticed in your previous picture that your head is almost freakish in its perfect symmetry, but I wasn’t sure whether such an observation was appropriate under the “your best friend’s husband shaved his head to show solidarity before said best friend loses all her hair” category of life. Thankfully, any potential social faux pas has been eliminated by you bringing it to everyone’s attention. In short, your skull does not appear to have any obvious malformations…and you do look rather lighthearted. Congratulations.

Tim & Joyce said...

Hey I like it