July 14, 2010

Pictures Part I

As I write, Ari and Jude are flying somewhere over Alaska, far out of the reach of thier mother's love.  Thank God that he is with them and my heart can rest freely for that reason. 
Here are some pictures to memorialize our time here in the Beijing medical scene over the past week and a half.  This first picture is of myself and our Aiyi who came to bid me farewell at the hospital today.  I was very touched by her emotion at saying goodbye to us and we spent a good hour or so talking with each other, just woman to woman.  She is so wonderful!
The second picture is of Ari with a priceless expression on his face.  I think its summed up pretty nicely in this photo.
Tomorrow, I will be bound in thigh high anti-coagulant socks, given shots of subcutaneous blood thinner, accompanied by oxygen, re-intravened with a saline lock, transported twice by ambulance and three times by wheelchair.  Suddenly the apostal Paul's references to our perishable bodies have such a new meaning.  I live in an earthly tent for a short while, but my spirit has a hard time fathoming all the fuss that is going into me.  I guess that all there is to do is to be thankful.


derrydown said...

We love you so, Jess!

Aiyi is so pretty! I had imagined her to be an older woman. Give her my love.

Bethany said...

Dear James and Jess,
You are in my prayers. I am so thankful that I got to know both of you while I was living in Steinbach. I love knowing that the two of you are resting secure in Father's arms, it is the best place to be. God has a way of taking the things in our lives that we would rather not have happen, and turning them into something wonderful. And I know he will do so for you as well!
Bethany Erb