October 07, 2009

(Wo)Man-Handled on the Bus

My bus ride home today made for an interesting show for the other people riding the bus.  As I mentioned recently, I have severe wrist pain that flares up every now and then. Its been pretty bad of lately, so doctor gave me a brace that does not allow me to use it too much.  If I wear it all the time, it prevents me from hurting it during daily use, and then I can usually play piano if I take the brace off. 

Anyway, I was wearing it on the bus today.  The seat I was sitting in was on a raised platform at the front of the bus (where everyone can see and sounds carries).  Beside me was sitting an older woman.  She inquired as to what the problem is with my wrist and I answered her.  This instantly got the attention of everyone on the bus who perked up their ears to see the blond haired foreign lady speaking Chinese.  The lady told me that she wanted to look at my wrist.  I was sure I must have heard her wrong, because I said (a little too loudly considering that we were practically on a stage performing a Chinese drama), "What? You want to look at my wrist?  I should take my brace off?"  She said, "I'm a doctor".  Aware of everyone's eyes on us, I took my brace off and gave her my wrist.  

What followed, could hardly be topped by a Jim Carry performance in Liar Liar.  She instantly started pulling and twisting my wrist (which has been going through a particularly bad spell of late), digging her hard pointy fingers deep into the exact epicenter of my pain.  I couldn't help that gasps of pain and and gritting teeth, the little "Ahhhs!" and the involuntary trying to pull my wrist away.  In spite it all, my deeply ingrained sense of showing respect for elderly people held fast and I plastered a smile to my face as the rest of me jerked involuntarily.  I turned my cries of pain into twisted sounding laughs and wondered in despair whether I would have to endure this for the rest of the 20 minute bus ride. 

When she finally gave me my wrist back, she asked "Does it hurt?"


Sherise said...

Oh my goodness! I can just feel the pain and awkwardness of the situation. I must admit that I'm having a mixture of uncontrollable laughter and feelings of pity all jumbled together.

Dustin said...

You gotta love the Chinese interpretation of "I'm a doctor"