October 14, 2009

James' Girly Shirt

Take a good look at the shirt depicted above.  Would North Americans be surprised to learn that James got this shirt at a duck hunting lodge?  Mmmm...no.  Its a pretty standard northern outdoors shirt, dime a dozen, man's shirt.

Well every time James goes out in this shirt he get girls saying "Ohhh! How cute! Did you wife give you that shirt?  Ohhhh, how sweet!".  James was finding himself mightily confused.  As it turns out, apparently it is a well known fact in China that these ducks mate for life, and so it has become a symbol of everylasting love and commitment.  Because of this, James apparently seems like the world's sweetest man for openly wearing a shirt that is symbolic of his loyalty to his wife!  It sort of seems similar to a man wearing a cute teddy bear shirt back in Canada.

If only we had included something about ducks in our wedding vows!

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