March 22, 2009

Hey Jude by Jess

A Funny True Story

Yesterday we went to the park (a new Sunday tradition).  At one moment Jude was beginning to get a little cranky and was not listening very well.  So he was running as rapidly as he could away from me across a field toward a man flying a kite.  I ran after yelling "Jude!  Jude!".  When I caught up with him, I proceeded to reprimand him close to his ear.

Suddenly in the middle of my mini lecture I heard a very karoke-like voice over my shoulder singing "Hey Ju-u-u-ude! Don't make me cry!"  We're not talking about the first simple solitary notes of the song sung by Paul McCartney, we're talking about later in the song where he hits about five notes when singing Hey Jude.  The bold vibrato was so close to my ear that I jumped and looked over my shoulder only to see the Chinese man with the kite walking away with a very suave looking smile on his face.  Apparently Jude is no longer just making it bad for himself, but he also has the power to make this Chinese Paul McCartney cry!

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