March 31, 2009

The Bonny Bins of Beijing

Greetings from the Mainland!

Who can forget the euphoria, as a child, of falling asleep on Christmas Eve? Praying that you would just pass out so that you can wake up the next morning? And then, suddenly it was morning, and your whole being buzzed with excitement!  You leapt out of bed, flung on a pair of mismatched socks, and raced to the tree.  Presents!
And then, there were there times that you woke up (maybe older now), and someone had to remind you that it was your birthday.  You had completely forgotten, and would have gone through the entire day without thinking about it if no one had said anything.
Today is a bit like the latter.  I'm sure none of you woke up today thinking, "James is going to make good on his promise today!  He's going to give us the goods!"
But today is the day.  The long-awaited runway show!  Behold, the 2009 Spring show of Beijing's many styles of trash cans!

 This model has a robotic feel to her.  You can rest assured that she will properly dispose of your waste according to the most elaborate methods that science has to offer.

Here we have a sleek culinary model.  You could eat off this baby.

(Incidentally, I put out a fire in this can.  Someone had tossed a cigarette into a napkin, and smoke was pouring out of it like Puff the Magic Dragon.)

These beauties come in all the primary colours.  Their green cousin lives just across the street, but this photographer was just a little embarrassed by the thought of taking a picture of a trash can when it was surrounded by people.

This Vixen's impregnable! And you better hope your trash is heart-shaped, or it's not getting in.

Don't be put off by this lovely Sheila's simplicity.  What she lacks in charm, she makes up for in capacity.  What volume!

Scenario:  Two people approach the same can with garbage in their hands.  Competition?  No way!  This baby solves all our problems by providing twin receptacles.

Every family has an ugly duckling.

Paris, 1962.  Noir sur Blanc.

Et voila!  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  There's nothing quite so satisfying as delivering timely, meaningful news to a hungry audience.
And, in the words of the trash cans at all the Beijing bus stops: "Protect CircumStance begin with me!"


Dustin said...

Hey James did I ever tell you there was a British lady of my acquaintance while I was living Xi'an that also had a collection of "dustbin" photos... except she was into the hundreds.

derrydown said...

Bravo! We demand to applaud the designer in person!