September 08, 2010

Pics of House and Activities

The Boys being pigs and very happy about it

Some homegrown Manitoba scenery for you. This is my childhood in a nutshell

The Duck Pond behind our house

The House


derrydown said...

What a nice house! I think the set up is great for you all -- a traditional extended family. Love to the cute piggies!

Sarah Walker said...

This looks wonderful! Gosh, it is beautiful there! AND you have a clean, clear, beautiful duck pond RIGHT behind your house! Lovely!

Sue said...

Just catching up on your blog after 2 weeks in China--Dalian/Shenyang area. It was a great trip-I can still say that even while jetlagging.
Your boys' pig noses reminds me that I bought a package of 2 pig snouts to give a friend. Wish I had an extra to send Jude and Ari!
Love to each of you.