March 19, 2010

Living on Perelandra

Normally in the morning our bedroom is filled with streaming morning light (unless its smoggy, aka 25% of the time).  Today, I wondered why waking up felt so strange.  I wondered if I was still in a orange tinted dream.  But no, it was our bedroom. All of the light coming into our house had (and still has) a deep orange/pink hue.  It was very creepy to move from dreamland into orange land.  We knew that spring is the season of dust storms here, but that still doesn't mean that you expect to see one when you wake up in the morning.  Last spring, everyone was amazed that we didn't have any.

I don't think this would even be considered a dust storm, but there is certainly a lot of dust in the air and the wind is blowing.  The tint reminds me of when the skies turn downright green before a bad hail storm in Manitoba.   It has also made me think of C.S. Lewis' description of Venus (Perelandra) in Voyage to Venus.  He has a lengthy discussion on what it is like to live in an orange/pink world.  It doesn't help that all of the buildings around us are a pinkish color as well, which reflects the pink/orange light into our apartment and makes it even more pink/orange. 

The forecast is calling for rain today.  It would be interesting to watch it all get washed away.

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