January 10, 2010

You Know It is Time to Get Something Fixed When...

...You start on fire when using it!  As I write, the smell of my charred sleeve still hangs in the air.  Sort of resembles roasting marshmallow, curiously enough.  

We have noticed for several weeks that the starter on our gas range top is a little too vigorous.  What has kept us from getting it fixed?  Pure laziness I suppose, and lack of concern.  James and I each made sure that the other one was aware of it and mutually decided that we should just be more careful.  But today, when I started the flame to cook pancakes (two minutes after James walked out the door), I was surprised to suddenly see flames leaping up the sleeve of my sweater (which apparently seems to be made out of exploding cotton).  

Thankfully, I had fast reflexes and put it out by myself very quickly, using my other bare hand and waving my arm.  I have no burns and since my sweater is dark blue, the damage is not visible.  The only hint of what happened is the odor hanging around in the air.  I calmly called James to tell him what happened, and informed Aiyi (who was in the other room when it happened) that she shouldn't use the burner.  

Will we call the repairman now?  I think so.

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Dustin said...

The great things is the matching chinese proverb on your page next to this post...

A spark can start a fire that burns the entire prairie.
Moral: don't underestimate the potential destructive power that a seemingly minor problems can spread.