December 27, 2009

Our Son, Harry Potter

A few weeks ago when I dropped Ari off at school, I was asked to sign a permission form to have Ari's picture taken.  It struck me as a little strange, but I figured that it was some kind of school picture.  I imagined that it would be something like my school pictures with some horrible fluorescent line background and me beaming a toothless smile (minus the frilly little girl dress of course).  What we were not expecting was the picture we were handed when we went to his school program!  Harry Potter is quite the rage here in China.  He even has his own name: Hālì Bōtè.

Ari however, has no idea who is impersonating in this picture; he was just excited to wear glasses!


Dustin said...

number one... freakin' hilarious
number two... who is that 8 year old boy in that picture! seriously what happened... :)

Kris and Char said...

This is hilarious!!

derrydown said...

This is definitely a boy who will be teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts in the future! I, too, am amazed at how tall and un-babyish he is.