November 17, 2009

Strange Things Recently said by Freys

The other night at supper I found myself saying to Jude, "Jude if you want your bread and water, you have to finish your food!"
EXPLANATION: The boys love bread more than anything and if we give it to them with their supper they only eat the bread.  Water gets played with and distracts from eating.  Thus, they come as a bit of an after supper treat.

Not 5 minutes ago I heard Ari yelling through a paper tube "Now proclaiming the Republic of South America!" and then cheering.  I have no idea where he heard anything like that, but a mental image flashed through my head of him as an angry peasant in the French Revolution or Ari-turned-Pancho-Villa.

Thanks to Google images, I can share my mental images with you all.

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derrydown said...

Ari's revolutionary spirit reminds me of Uncle Bill as a lad when he read a book on the revolution in Hungary in 1956. He claimed that's what he wanted to be when he grew up. We informed him that it happened in 1956 and that he'd have to wait for his own revolution when it's time came.

Your kids have the most wonderful ideas of what treats are. Like Ari's "cookies" -- a piece of tofu.