August 19, 2009

The First Effective Advertisement We have Seen Here

When  we saw this, it took us a while to realize that it really is quite a clever advertisement.  We are very used to seeing strange (by North American standards) advertisements.  

For example: 
Some "demon" in a bad costume is being fought by Jackie Chan.  The demon pauses to laugh at Jackie Chan's clothes.  Jackie looks embarrassed, but then has an idea and snaps his fingers.  Instantly he starts on fire and the fire "clenses" him from his ugly clothes, leaving slick dress clothing (with a special emphasis on his styling shoes).  The demon screams in terror and Jackie (with extremely old Superman special effects) flies after the demon.
By the way, Jackie Chan sells everything out here and James and I have begun to think of him as quite the sellout.  He sells juice drinks, ice cream, electronics, clothing and  much much more. 

Another example (this one is just ineffective and self defeating)
The bus TV always plays a tea advertisement that James and I think is very funny.  It shows water being washed through a super grimy, disgusting looking pipe, covered in green sludge.  The very next frame (and I do mean immediately after seeing that), someone is drinking green tea out of a clear tea cup and serving it to her guests!  That slime tea does wonders!

But this advertisement with the light bulb is truely a clever advertisement.  A pat on the back goes to whoever thought of it!

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Beth Ann said...

Things that make you go "hmmm".