May 20, 2009

Trials and Frustrations of the Internet

Hey Everyone this is Dustin writing at the request of James and Jess. Blogspot and other prominent websites are currently unaccessible in China at the moment, whether it is the result of an internet censorship crackdown or a Japanese fishing trawler pulling up the fiber optics again is anyones guess. This is just to let you know that things are going okay for them and they will post again when they are able.

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Rod said...

I tried to access your blog today but found that it was blocked. As most websites in China with the the word "blog" in the ULR are blocked I was surprised that yours wasn't. Now that it is the world is back to normal. Why is it blocked now when it wasn't days or weeks ago? My best guess has to do with an upcoming June anniversary. Our dear friends at the Great Firewall of China decided to keep us safe and secure by blocking potentially harmful comments. Rod