October 12, 2010


You walk on it, vacuum it out of your rug, blow it out of your nose on a windy day, and rely on it to remain alive.

Yes, soil, that four-letter word. No surprise to find that James is writing this post, and not Jessica (although I've persuaded her that soil is actually interesting).

I really like soil, with all of its complexities. I won't get into any of them here, or I may lose this audience faster than topsoil in a windstorm. However, I just wanted to bring up the subject, and perhaps get you thinking for a moment about how incredible it is that soil exists! A community under our feet.

Feel inspired yet? Go stick your nose in a garden! You won't regret it.

(And for any palm readers out there, yes, that is my hand.)

1 comment:

derrydown said...

I agree, soil is fascinating. BTW, I see a life-line filled with strong direction and purpose, and a Mount of Venus that shows extreme devotion to others and very strong intuition. The rest seems to be covered by dirt.