September 01, 2010

Personal Contact

A number of people have expressed an interest in having personal contact with us, either through the blog or through mutual connections. For this reason I will post my email address. I do this because I really appreciate the fact that many people have responded to my openness by opening up about their own pains and trials. This means a lot to me. I love hearing other people's stories. That is one of the things that I miss the most about China, I heard so many stories there.

I do however have some misgivings about putting my email up here, primarily because some people feel the need to "set me straight". Its not that I can't take criticism or think everyone should agree with me, but I do have an instinctual aversion to personal insults and profanity. Feel free to disagree with me, but please keep in mind that these two things I mentioned bring disagreeable emails to a whole new level.

That said, here is my email: freynfrey at

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Dave said...

Hi guys - just caught up on the blog again and am continually impressed and amazed by your experience. You're in our thoughts and prayers daily (yep, we've got the night shift covered for ya).

Small practical thing: for spam reduction purposes, write out your email using the words "dot" and "at", or something similar, instead of the full email link. Otherwise, computers that are programmed to look for email addresses on the web will pass on your email to spammers. Last thing you guys need is 100 more emails a day to sort through...